New Studio Nick Stark Design Unveils First Superyacht Concepts

By George Bains

Former Silver Yachts Senior Naval Architect, Nick Stark, has officially opened his own studio this month with a flurry of exciting new superyacht concepts to mark the occasion.

After almost two decades in superyacht design at Silver Yachts, Nick Stark has worked on renowned superyacht projects including Bold, Silverfast, Rabdan, Dragonfly and Smeralda. With a wealth of experience and a broad client base behind him, Stark has taken the next step to apply his bespoke and innovative approach to design through his own studio.

Based out of Perth, Nick Stark Design neighbours Australia’s new build capital of Henderson, where both Echo Yachts and Silver Yachts reside in the Australian Marine Complex. The distinct advantages of superyacht construction in Australia, from a favourable currency to an advanced aluminium trade, bode well for the new studio, while Stark will also look to bring his expertise to manufacturers worldwide.

The opening of Nick Stark Design was accompanied by the presentation of the Constellation Series, a collection of three shadow vessels all over 70m in length. These lightweight, high-performance, all-aluminium structures reimagine the role of a shadow vessel.

The largest of the Series, 75m Aquila (The Eagle) has been named for her shell doors which stretch out to reveal an expansive beach club, wellness centre, disco and secluded retreats. Aquila offers her owner a second space, with superyacht-standard facilities while still fulfilling the traditional role of a shadow vessel by carrying a full complement of toys.

71m Auriga (The Charioteer) boasts ample tender and toy capacity which is combined with a superyacht-worthy aesthetic. Auriga is a multi-functional vessel that combines load carrying, a shallow draft and rapid positioning. 70m Cygnus (The Swan) has a graceful exterior profile with spacious guest areas. Cygnus features a helicopter pad, plenty of storage and carries support craft for the mother ship including submarines.  

“It’s certainly unusual in the market, but it’s important to consider in the context of the yacht fleet as a whole,” said Stark of designing shadow vessels in such a large category. “The lower cost per Gross Tonne of a shadow vessel compared with a conventional yacht leads to new possibilities.

“For example, cost synergies may allow for a better use of the spaces on the main yacht, or perhaps simply a smaller yacht may suffice. The large shadow vessel becomes an even more practical option when similar vessels are cruising in a group, providing a feast of recreation options that may be otherwise inaccessible. When shadow boats become as versatile as the Constellation Series, new opportunities emerge such as a chartering service specifically for shadow boats.”

Stark’s experience in working on well-known bespoke superyachts is evident in the attention given to functionality in all of these designs. The release of the Constellation Series was followed soon after by the unveiling of a 53m superyacht by Nick Stark Design.

The 53m high-performance hybrid yacht is another bespoke design that like the Constellation Series will be built on a lightweight, efficient and all-aluminium platform. Generous guest spaces across the yacht include three pools, the largest being in the party-focused aft main deck while the other two are located in the more laid-back environs of the foredeck.

This is a superyacht which embraces social interaction between guests. There are plenty of luxury amenities and entertainment spaces to provide guests with an onboard sanctuary while also creating an environment that connects to the natural beauty of the surrounding cruising grounds. A flexible interior arrangement can be customised to suit the owner’s personal taste and preferences.

Powered by either the DC motors or the IMO compliant diesels, the 53m superyacht offers low-speed cruising with only the sound of the waves and the yacht’s generous entertainment system. Stark has ensured maximum efficiency at all speeds through controllable pitch propellers, while the yacht is also fully class and MCA compliant.

It is certainly an exciting time for Nick Stark Design, and there has been no time wasted in demonstrating the remarkable credentials of the new studio through these innovative superyacht concepts.

"When shadow boats become as versatile as the Constellation Series, new opportunities emerge..."

Nick Stark, Director Nick Stark Design


"When shadow boats become as versatile as the Constellation Series, new opportunities emerge..."

Nick Stark, Director Nick Stark Design
By George Bains