Newcruise Introduce New 72m Explorer Superyacht Concept

By Ben Roberts

After producing exclusive blueprints for the largest explorer yacht in the world, Newcruise has now unveiled their new ‘Explore’ concept; building on a decade of passion for explorer yachts and an unparalleled amount of specialist experience.

The 115m Luna was a triumph in regards to expedition vessels. After her launch in 2010, the Newcruise design team, consisting of Frank Neubelt, Roland Krueger and Catherine Raczek, proved they could create a yacht of unique style and performance, whilst simultaneously recreating the image of the modern day explorer yacht.

Now, Newcruise has introduced their new distinctive take on the expedition vessel with the 72m Explore concept. Sticking very closely to the characteristic design elements found on Luna, Newcruise has taken the rough and ready approach usually found on explorer yachts and have created a more compact and contemporary design with built-in protection against the roughest conditions.

Newcruise reportedly stated the design to be “bridging the gap between real functionality and practicality with a distinctive and elegant yacht style, but also to provide the ability to create variations of the layout as well as to identify different uses.

One of the biggest challenges faced when designing this vessel was creating the largest pool ever installed on a yacht, giving you a good idea of how Newcruise expertly combine robust explorer performance with exemplary luxury.

The interior of this vessel is also a work of true spacious luxury, offering an elegant design which uses a cold and warm water theme to create an authentic and welcoming atmosphere; using open pored and raw cut woods against materials such as cashmere, fine wool and fur pieces with complimentary colour tones.

Fully tested against all appropriate architectural and safe engineering practices, the Newcruise Explorer is a true expedition yacht which packs the power to travel anywhere in the world in complete safety, style and comfort.

By Ben Roberts