Newcruise Owner Roland Krueger On Making Dreams Come True

By Paul Joseph

As far as Roland Krueger, Naval Architect and Owner of Newcruise, is concerned, trends in yachting have hit something of a plateau in recent times.

It is perhaps a predictable verdict from a man who prides himself on avoiding the uniformity that he feels characterises so many new builds today.

“If you would ask me two years ago I would answer this directly that I think the explorer yachts are an upcoming trend,” he told us at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, “but really nowadays I would say it’s hard to find a trend in yachting.

“If you look at the product line we’re doing we really try to be a designer that doesn’t only work on line or a direct style that you see on every boat. We work instead for the idea and for the dream of the client.”

Currently Newcruise are working on a typically diverse range of new projects, though Mr Krueger is unable to shed much light on the specific details.

“Most of them are very confidential because we’re working in a size where people like to be in the second line,” he said. “It’s a mixture of projects. We’re currently working on a 140 metre down to a 60 metre so there’s a lot of projects in between with different briefs.”

You can watch the full video interview with Roland Krueger above this article.

By Paul Joseph