Next Generation Design: ThirtyC Studio Launches

By Ben Roberts

As superyacht design enters a new revolutionary era of creative thinking, designers Rob Armstrong and Alistair Fletcher have launched ThirtyC - a multi-disciplinary design consultancy specialising in interior and exterior superyacht design.

“As a design consultancy, we undertake all aspects of the design and development of a project,” explains Rob Armstrong, Creative Director of ThirtyC. “We offer a full range of services from GA layouts, detailed cabin drawings, 3D visualisation, conceptual development illustration, colour schemes and full material and finish specification through to all marketing and associated promotional material.”

The design workload within the yacht industry can vary and the need for skilled, experienced, hands-on designers can be essential to meet the deadlines at various stages of a project.

“At ThirtyC we have experienced this fluctuation in workload and changing pressure first hand, and as such, offer a full consultancy service to design studios, whereby we can help absorb some of that workload at peak times. Our wide range of skills combined with many years of experience allows us to easily step in and assist when and where needed.

Having worked for some of the most recognised names in the superyacht Industry, from Designers, Yards, outfitters and specialist artisans, we can draw upon the varied styles and genres that the projects have covered and apply this knowledge and experience to future work and collaborations.”

Based in Chichester, the ThirtyC team work with a number of design professionals across the globe; however, with a core team dedicated to design and visualisation, detailed CAD and supervision support, as well as interior specification and material selection, the ThirtyC studio is set for a promising future.

By Ben Roberts