Nobiskrug Officially Announce The Launch Of White Pearl

By Ben Roberts

Nobiskrug has today officially announced the launch of its new build No 787, a mega yacht with the project name “White Pearl” - the largest yacht forecasted to launch this year - at its sister shipyard in Kiel.

Shortly, the 140m+ long vessel will touch the water for the first time to complete the commissioning phase before the last fitting-out stage and first sea trials begin.

“The launching is the most symbolic milestone of any superyacht’s construction”, says Holger Kahl, Managing Director of Nobiskrug. “We are just a step away from welcoming White Pearl, the next “gem”, to our fleet of superyachts for the 22nd century”, adds Kahl.

Having delivered numerous award-winning custom superyachts in the last ten years, Nobiskrug has proudly presented an insight into the largest yacht built at its German shipyard.

Secrecy surrounding the project is still firmly in place; however this is the first official announcement from Nobiskrug regarding her launch and we're looking forward to delivering more information as it emerges.

By Ben Roberts