Nomad IV Takes on French Polynesia

By Jenna Mehdi

In a market of ever-increasing variety, the choice of yachts for potential charterers is expanding at an impressive rate. With bigger and bigger builds from highly sophisticated motor yachts to hybrids, this week’s charter focus instead takes a rather different approach. Enter Nomad IV; the 30 metre sailing yacht built by Italian shipyard Maxi Dolphin offering its guests an alternative and unique charter experience like no other this coming spring.

Superyachts in construction today are undoubtedly getting bigger and bigger. The demand for large, imposing builds has been undeniably on the up, and one look at the Top 100’s impressive portfolio makes it easy to see why. A trip on Nomad IV however offers something very different – and that is, at the very crux of it, a realisation of a pure passion for sailing.

With a non-complex but extremely comfortable and spacious layout, Nomad IV gives charterers the feeling of being close to the sea, which is arguably at its core the principal reason to own or charter a yacht. Its modest size offers charterers the chance to access ports and other areas which the largest superyachts of the modern day could not dream of entering, making it the perfect choice to discover new locations and live the dream of a true sailing adventure.

Nomad IV will be available for charter in French Polynesia from April 2020, presenting the perfect opportunity to explore some of the unspoilt spots in this part of the world. For charterers seeking a yet more alternative choice than Bora Bora, we would recommend stopping off to enjoy some of the lesser known but equally beautiful spots along the South Pacific.

Must-see destinations for the more adventurous charterer include the pristine beaches of the Vanilla Islands, or the glittering turquoise shores of Huahine. Nomad IV’s captain will escort you to discover the rugged landscape of Fatu Hiva, home to his favourite bay Hanvavae, which served as the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s renowned ‘Treasure Island’.

For those readers wondering whether a trip aboard Nomad IV means compromising on any degree of comfort, we wish to put your minds at ease.  Each of her spacious 5 cabins is fitted with an en-suite bathroom, offering room for up to 12 guests. Other notable features include the yacht’s spacious deck saloon, affording guests a 360° panoramic view of stunning surroundings in an idyllic setting.

Nomad IV will be available for charter with Bernard Gallay from April 2020, when she is sure to be a popular choice for adventurous charterers in the spring and summer seasons to come.  

By Jenna Mehdi