Nordhavn 120 Set To Embark On Maiden Voyage From China

By Ben Roberts

This week, the much anticipated Nordhavn 120 will set sail from Xiamen, China, bound for Vancouver, BC, Canada. The 6,300 nm trip marks N120#1’s maiden voyage and a seatrial by delivery, of sorts.

For the past two months, the 120 has undergone rigorous tests and surveys according to the yard, and has passed with flying colors. But this Friday, the 36.57m yacht will take on its greatest challenge as a crew of Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (PAE) staff, factory engineers, vendor technicians, and the boat’s esteemed owners bring her half-way across the world with just one planned stop less than 300 nm into the trip in Hong Kong.

The journey is expected to take approximately 28 days, and throughout the voyage, 120-watchers can get exclusive real-time tracking, current video footage, daily on-board commentary and trip statistics by following the special N120 delivery section. Stay on top of all the latest updates of the delivery by signing up to receive alerts straight to your inbox. It’s going to be a fascinating and monumental event you won’t want to miss.

By Ben Roberts