Nordhavn Yachts Acquire New Headquarters

By B. Roberts

Pacific Asian Enterprises Inc., builder of Nordhavn Yachts, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new location in order to offer clients sales, project management, engineering, accounting, commissioning and shipping all under one roof.

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) recently finalized discussions to obtain a 30 year lease for the 9,000-square foot building in Orange County, California.

With staff at the company’s Dana Point operations currently split across five separate locations, PAE has now fulfilled their professional objective to unify all departments into one space.

“Communications and efficiency will vastly improve by having the entire company together,” explains PAE President and owner Dan Streech. “this will lead to a better customer experience for visiting clients.”

PAE plans to move into its new headquarters at the end of the 2011, after spending approximately six months converting the space into a state-of-the-art office. One part of the old Beach House restaurant that will remain, however, is a six foot section of the bar and several of the oak tables and chairs.

The reason being is that it is the location where the other two-thirds of PAE’s ownership team, Jim and Jeff Leishman, sat one evening almost 25 years ago, discussing the finer points of a 46-foot long-range motor yacht concept over a few beers – the result of which was the trend-setting Nordhavn 46 Trawler design.

Founded in 1974, PAE has remained a fixture of Dana Point Harbour since its inception. Decades marked by vast growth prompted the company to expand into other areas within the harbour as well as an office complex a mile away.

With 15 models currently available in the PAE line-up and more designs on the drawing board, the company needed to unify all teams and expand into a larger area. Dan Streech stated, “We can move forward now knowing that we have room to expand as business improves in the coming months and years.”

By B. Roberts
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