Northland Launched: The Latest American Explorer

By Ben Roberts

In the bracing cold of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, the latest explorer to join the global fleet hit the water and brought with it a new era for the Burger Boat Company.

Designed in line with both the Owner and designer Luiz de Basto, Northland is a world of luxury in the space of 31.55-metres.

The modern exterior design is deceptive of its capabilities, offering a more American cruiser feel with a rugged edge than all-out exploration vessel. However, Luiz de Basto is an experienced journeyman and implemented the ideas of adventure throughout the yacht with aplomb.

With the brief conceptualized in full, Burger - one of the oldest yacht builders in the U.S, - have taken the construction on and brought the project to the water successfully shortly after the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Northland was created to travel in style, safety and stability so the Owner, friends, and family can fish the world’s greatest and most remote hotspots with a level of comfort in a neatly packaged luxury vessel.

Details are still scarce in terms of interior, lifestyle and onboard facilities; however, we look forward to bringing you more on the course of her career on the water.

By Ben Roberts
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