Numarine attend 2010 Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

By B. Roberts

Istanbul based Numarine specialise in stlyish performance motor yachts. After a busy year in 2009 they will be sharing new projects at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show this week.

Numarine have launched their newest model, the 78’ HT which is creating a buzz across the spectrum of industry experts and enthusiasts. The new model is an imposing and aggressive looking machine, with sleek and natural designs inspired from reptiles and dragons, the 78’ HT yacht looks like a powerful performer on the water.

Numarine have also released another design which looks as unique and as powerful as its brethren, the 68’ Fly, a yacht which looks like it was built to carve through the water at ease whilst maintaining the same level of comfort the 78’ HT is bound to provide.

The company have been hard at work formulating an impressive portfolio of designs and new builds alongside the stunning 103’ Wide Body, which is now ready for production. Representing a progressive, sleek and powerful design boasting that it will be as fast as it is large, at a top speed of 28 knots. A solid speed for the 31 metre monster. The interior can also be configured to accommodate 5 or 6 cabins depending on where the owner would like to place the galley.

Representing Numarine at the influential show this week will be Brett Noble, brand manager and representative of the Middle Eastern Region.

The Organisation will be proudly representing them-selves and their unique line up at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Yacht Show and Dubai in March with their chins held high after hard work and impressive results.

By B. Roberts
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