Ocean Independence On A Truly Global Market

By Paul Joseph

Anyone who has attended a yacht show and heard the multitude of accents and languages being spoken on the docks will vouch for the fact that this has become a truly international industry.

One man who understands this better than most is Marco Vandoni, Director of Ocean Independence. We caught up with him at the 2015 China Rendez-Vous to hear his thoughts on the need to venture beyond your local comfort zone if you want to be successful in the superyachts world. He began by telling us the story behind his first visit to China.

“I went here three years ago,” he explained. “I was invited by a good friend of mine that has a refit shipyard in Viareggio and there was an exchange between Tuscany region and Hainan Island region, an exchange of technology and cooperation, and one of my very good friends said ‘come, there is a lot to do in China, probably also for you to sell yachts’.

“The show, we have to say, is the only show in China. Plus the question to have also jets and cars, it can focus on clients that are on the same size for yachting. And we have to consider that Hainan Island is the only tropical island in China, so in terms of weather and yachting and boating, it’s really the only place that in the future can work to use a boat, actually. So it should be a very good base to start and then of course to go and be on the big towns like Beijing and Shanghai, etc.”

“Today for a successful businessman the mentality has to be global. It’s a stupid word that everybody’s using, but it’s true. Today you cannot imagine to be successful if you only talk Italian. You need to talk English, French, Spanish also. You need to have an assistant who talks Russian, Chinese. The market is global and if you stay only local you don’t succeed.”

You can watch the full video interview with Marco Vandoni above this article.

By Paul Joseph
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