Oceanco On Solar And New Projects Emerging 2016

By Ben Roberts

Oceanco has no shortage of projects entering and leaving the yard, and 2016 is no exception to the rule as Paris Baloumis and Robert Tan of Oceanco join us in London to explain the projects underway and the exciting new Top 100 entries coming this year.

“We’re happy to report we have eight projects under construction at this moment,” comments Paris Baloumis, Group Marketing Manager of Oceanco, “each one of them will be certainly unique because they range from motor yachts to sailing yachts. While size doesn’t always play a big role, we’ll have some industry first coming out, that’s for sure.”

With eight projects under construction, Oceanco’s new entrants into the Top 100 will display the yard’s capabilities to create truly unique vessels. Project Solar will be emerging from the shipyard this year, and Robert Tan, Sales Manager of Oceanco, gave us some more details about the exclusive project.

“Obviously it’s a sailboat, it has a similar rig as The Maltese Falcon done by Jerry Dykstra and his team [...] the owner appointed Jerry Dykstra to take the same experience and technology but on a larger vessel. Solar has many other features, especially green technology hence the name Project Solar [...] it’s a very important aspect for the owner to be as sustainable as possible. Heat recovery, solar, batteries, all of those things are extremely important to the owner to save and take care of the environment.

Among the eight yachts under construction at Oceanco is the Y715, another yacht which Robert Tan explained more about during the interview.

“Y715 is, like all of our projects we build for an individual owner, so like Solar - apart from being a power boat - was designed from scratch based on the requirements of the owner from day one. Both the exterior and interior has been designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, so progress is well underway.”

It seems like the specifics are staying confidential, but Oceanco are still confident about the challenge ahead in terms of engineering and design.

By Ben Roberts
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