Oceanco Reveal New Look At Stiletto's Concept Launch

By Ben Roberts

In an exclusive video illustrating the launch of the latest 107m Stiletto concept at the Dubai Boat Show, Oceanco has provided us with a unique insight into their exciting new project with Ken Freivokh.

With an exciting order book already in front of them, Oceanco’s new style of concept is a promising look to the future. Stiletto’s radical new layout opens up new opportunities on board, offering an intriguing new take on the status quo; however her physicality isn’t the only outstanding element on board.

Stiletto holds a hybrid propulsion system which is optimised for various operating conditions, perfectly matching her hybrid hull shape which is designed for low resistance and a slender underwater hull shape.

Stiletto’s reduction of harmful exhaust emissions, wasted energy re-use, and silent operational capabilities, as well as the low overall propulsion power required in comparison to conventional motor yachts, makes this concept one of the more optimised, greener and radical conceptualisations to emerge this year.

Watch the above video for more information on Oceanco’s presence in Dubai as well as a closer look at the fully functional model representing the Stiletto’s concept launch.

By Ben Roberts
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