Oceanco Unveil New Yacht Collaboration With Vitruvius

By Ben Roberts

Today, Oceanco launched a brand-new collaboration project with Philippe Briand - the largest Vitruvius to date - which is forging a new territory on state-of-the-art design and flawless construction.

After launching 711, Oceanco’s first sailing yacht in partnership with Vitters, the Dutch yard is working on the world’s largest DynaRig powered by the titular solar powered sails.

“As the name suggests, she will be an extremely environmentally friendly superyacht,” explains Paris Baloumis, Group Marketing Manager for Oceanco. “From a design point of view, this will be a game-changer but also from an innovation point of view.”

The largest sailing yacht ever built in The Netherlands will shape the way owners cruise the water, respect the oceans and future generations will see how designers took a forward-thinking vision and created a new chapter in large yacht design and construction. Watch the above video for more information on the new Vitruvius collaboration as well as Project Solar.

By Ben Roberts
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