Oceanco Unveils Superyacht Concept Stiletto At DIBS

By Ben Roberts

A surprising turn in style and heralded as a ‘rule breaker’, Stiletto is the latest concept to emerge from the Oceanco yard this week after it was officially unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show.

A superyacht which transcends the preconceived notions of interior and deck layout, this 107m concept is a departure from Oceanco’s immediately recognisable and world revered Y7 range thanks to the inspired exterior and interior styling of Ken Freivokh.

Her radical new layout offers impressive aft terraces which surround a handsome swimming pool - which is fully integrated with the external dining and bar areas - while also extending a massive beach club and gymnasium. What’s unusual, however, is the fact that Stiletto also boasts an impressive outdoor terrace forward, fully protected under shading louvres, including another large swimming pool, bar/pantry, seating and recliners, all with the backdrop of a spectacular waterfall feature in way to the extendable helipad. The owner’s suite and terrace offer complete privacy, as well as their whirlpool, overlooking the aft pool and boarding aft platform.

There are, in fact, many different options for enjoying life and relaxation aboard Stiletto. In addition to the unusual deck layout, the interior has an incredible two storey salon with 6 metres of headroom - with a central bar acting as a focal point and an upper level mezzanine balcony at the upper level of the salon offering panoramic views.

Two elements merge the layout, a central glass lift and large spiral staircase which are capped by a major skylight; bringing sunlight down through to the heart of the yacht. The lower deck also offers a gym, spa and toys and tender garage.

While the layout on board is a revolutionary take on the status quo, Stiletto has a lot to offer outside of this. She holds a hybrid propulsion system which is optimised for various operating conditions, perfectly matching her hybrid hull shape which is designed for low resistance and a slender underwater hull shape.

Stiletto’s reduction of harmful exhaust emissions, wasted energy re-use, and silent operational capabilities, as well as the low overall propulsion power required in comparison to conventional motor yachts, makes this concept one of the more optimised, greener and radical conceptualisations to emerge this year.

By Ben Roberts
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