Olesinski Naval Architects Move Into Superyacht Industry

By Ben Roberts

Bernard and Justin Olesinski have been creating world-class luxury yachts for Princess for over thirty-five years. Now, after gaining recognition across 2013, the firm has high hopes for the year as they move further into the superyacht industry.

The design of a new superyacht is a passionate and intensive process. Throughout the journey from concept to launch, Olesinski Naval Architects work closely with their clients to transform their dreams into award-winning, elegant, practical designs.

This firm combines extensive knowledge with the latest technology to translate their clients’ needs into reality, setting the standards for our industry.

Using the latest techniques and technologies, Olesinski Naval Architects brings together design and engineering in perfect harmony. The studio's in-house capabilities include hull design, structural engineering, spacious interior layouts and elegant exterior design.

The Olesinski Naval Architects studio designed the 40m Imperial Princess, which was awarded the Best Production Motor Yacht at the 2013 Asia Boating Awards as well as being shortlisted for the 2013 Showboats Design Awards.

By Ben Roberts