Owner's Circle: Dr Giovanni Tamburi On The Joys Of Sailing

By Paul Joseph

Sailing means many things to many people, but a common denominator is the sense of freedom it affords.

Superyachts.com were recently in Sardinia to witness some of the world’s biggest and best sailing yachts strutting their stuff at the Perini Navi Cup. During the event, we sat down with Dr Giovanni Tamburi, owner of the 30.65 metre Xnoi, to find out about his own passion for sailing and why he was drawn to the Perini Navi family.

We began by asking Dr Tamburi, who Managing Director and President of Tamburi Investment Partners, what being party of the Perini family means to him

“It means a lot of things,” he says. “I like the Perini family as people, I like Perini as a group of staff, designers, etc, I’m happy to be here. Normally I don’t like too many people around my boat, but with the Perini Navi Group, I’m always very glad.”

“Perini is a combination of the highest quality in the yacht industry, no doubt about it, good design, good comfort and solidity of the boat. When you are on a Perini boat you know the boat is goijng to last.”

As for Dr Tamburi’s favourite sailing destinations, he is torn between two iconic locations – the Mediterranean and the Caribbean – but is swayed by somewhere he has been visiting for years.

“I love Greece,” he says, “in particular the Ionian Islands. I’ve been there for many, many years – in the last 20 years maybe 15 times. There is some wind but not too much. And it’s relatively close to Italy so you can fly in one hour.”

You can watch the full video interview with Dr Giovanni Tamburi above this article.

By Paul Joseph