Owner's Perspective: Sherakhan in Unchartered Waters

By Anna Solomon

Available with Y.CO, 69.65m Sherakhan will be cruising Central America with no delivery fees this winter. We speak with owner Jan Verkerk, who shares a privileged insight into Sherakhan's seasonal route, which is little travelled by superyacht and promises a dynamic adventure.

Central America is a region bursting with beauty and history. The east coast yields the cerulean beaches of the not-too-distant Caribbean, whilst inland areas are carpeted with lucious jungle, active volcanoes and a mind-blowing diversity of fauna. Nestled in amongst this emerald expanse are sites of fascinating cultural significance steeped in Hispanic and Mayan heritage, from mountain-top villages to the crumbling temples of ancient civilisations.

Intrepid charterers will have the unique chance to explore the tropical highlands of Panama, the flora-carpeted ridges of Colombia and the glorious surf spots of Costa Rica. Also on the itinerary is the Mayan ruins of Belize, profusion of Cuban wildlife and the sprawling beaches of Mexico.

So why is this region such an exciting prospect for superyacht charterers? “South America is an emerging market, only a few yachts have been to these destinations,” explains Jan, “It offers privacy, untouched nature and traditional culture.” Central America is a completely off-the-beaten track cruising experience as of yet untouched by tourism, meaning that beaches are pristine and local heritage intact.

Furthermore, the unconventional nature of the region means that cruising is a highly dynamic, interactive and exciting experience. “A holiday to Central America is more like an exploration tour,” Jan tells us. “Guests will see things not normally seen in traditional destinations, such as local tribes living in traditional ways.”

“The Panama Canal is a bucket list item for a lot of people,” he continues, “But possibly the most spectacular place is the Sea of Cortez, where you can go diving with whale sharks. The wildlife, nature and scenery is mind-blowing.” Jan goes on to tell us about the aptly named Costa Rica, or ‘rich coast’, and the wonders of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao: “The ABC-islands are in the Caribbean, but offer a totally different vibe then the better known Leeward Islands.”

Sherakhan is the perfect yacht for exploring this far flung destination. Originally a merchant-educational vessel, she was built for sailing around the world, rather than merely the traditional conditions of the Caribbean.

Sherakhan is equipped with a hull suitable for cruising in various water-conditions, is installed with low noise and low vibration engines, and is environmentally friendly so she can easily be taken to protected destinations,” Jan explains. She is the perfect yacht for the seasoned traveller, being as comfortable cruising South America and Antarctica as the balmy waters of the Mediterranean.

Sherakhan is a prime example of combining performance with exceptional onboard spaces. Her exterior is chic, cool and classic, with traditional aspects such as circular portholes for an old-world nautical touch. Interiors are equally impressive, with a cavernous atrium and overlooking mezzanine cast in wood, glass and chrome.  Inviting suede armchairs, bespoke dark wood furniture and shelves lined with curiosities remind that she is an eccentric explorer with a distinctive personality.

Sherakhan is also unrivalled in terms of onboard additions and luxury features. “She offers a look-out house on the sun deck and a large jacuzzi with glass bottom,” says Jan, “Her dining room sits in an atrium fitted with a table for all 26 guests, and features like the spa and the gym make guests stay onboard a true dream come true!” As if this isn’t enough, Sherakhan also boasts an 8m water slide, two 7.3m tenders and three waverunners.

To complete the experience, a seasoned crew continually surprise with their expertise. “From themed evenings to amazing excursions, our crew guarantee that guests leave Sherakhan with wonderful memories for life,” Jan tells us. The award-winning chef and his team are also recipients of Jan’s high praise; he assures us that guest feedback for the onboard cuisine has been outstanding.

A true world explorer, Sherakhan is gracefully equipped for the interactive, dynamic and demanding routes of Central America. We know where we would like to be this winter!

"A holiday to Central America is more like an exploration tour. Guests will see things not normally seen in traditional destinations."

Jan Verkerk - Owner, Sherakhan


"A holiday to Central America is more like an exploration tour. Guests will see things not normally seen in traditional destinations."

Jan Verkerk - Owner, Sherakhan
By Anna Solomon