Oyster Set World Record With First Oyster 125 Hull

By B. Roberts

The first hull of the new Oyster 125 superyacht line has been successfully released from the mould after post curing in a purpose built 40m oven.

Putting the 38m superyacht hull into the oven to start the moulding process, Oyster Marine realised that they had just set a new world record. With nearly 6.3 tonnes of resin flowing in around four hours, this was the largest single continuous infusion anywhere in the world – the previous record being for a bridge structure at around 6 tonnes.

The moulding of the new Oyster superyachts uses one of the most technically advanced aerospace standard composite injection systems, developed to produce a consistent high strength to weight laminate to maximise durability, in a controlled and environmentally friendly process.

The resistance and structural rigidity of the Oyster superyacht line is enhanced by hi-tech Kevlar and Carbon substraits. Once the moulding process is complete, the hull and secondary structure are post-cured in a giant oven at 60C for 48 hours to give the structure ultimate temperature stability.

A Lloyd’s surveyor observes the entire manufacturing process in order to offer peace of mind for the owner.

The first Oyster 125 is currently undergoing a full fit out and will be on the water for summer 2011. With four yachts in build by early autumn, Oyster 100-01, 100-02 and 100-03 and Oyster 125-01, the next build slot is for delivery 2012 with Oysters new partnership with RMK now building up steam.

By B. Roberts
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