Pantaenius America Give Advice For Potential Buyers

By Ben Roberts

We took the chance to sit down with Cary Robert Wiener, President of Pantaenius America Inc., during the first day of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to talk about the demand facing the US market and how Pantaenius are representing the American owner.

The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is famous for its size and sheer mass, and it is now acting as one of the main motivators for industry movement in the USA.

“It’s exciting, it’s like going in to a candy store,” explains Cary Wiener. “It’s really a litmus test of how the industry is doing to see all these yachts and the energy within the show. I’ve been coming to this show since 2008 and this is probably the best opening day we’ve ever seen. So I think that’s really a good sign of what’s to come this year and in 2015.”

Before hosting an event with Pantaenius on board the 50m Arianna, we asked Cary Wiener what the vital elements of potential owners walking the docks should think about from an insurance perspective.

“I think the key is knowing that they really have to investigate what they’re buying. They’re buying, while a beautiful artwork that floats, it is also a piece of machinery in a very harsh environment and it’s very important that they get surveyors involved, lawyers involved and even naval architects … they need to know the history of what they’re looking at, whether it’s going to service their needs; they have to think about how they’re also going to enjoy the yacht.”

To learn more about Pantaenius’ viewpoint on the superyacht industry in the USA, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts