Pantaenius Emphasise the Passion of Yachting

By Ben Roberts

The term “no passion without risk” has become the mantle of the superyacht industry’s most revered insurance brokers after a successful display of their expertise and dedication to the protection of the luxury yacht owner. After recently launching an ultra-stylish campaign by using Hinnerk Bodendieck’s 1920s inspired artwork, we take a look at how Pantaenius are showcasing the art of yacht insurance.

It’s not an easy approach to spark as much discussion around the importance of superyacht insurance as Pantaenius has over the past few months. Pantaenius successfully launched a new campaign for the superyacht sector which has captivated an audience by creating a beautiful portfolio of art in order to carry a specific message.

Every passion, every pleasure – be it for superyachts or other interests – carries a certain risk,” explains Martin Baum, Managing Director of Pantaenius Yacht Insurance. “We realised that the photos in the superyacht business have become interchangeable. There is a host of very high quality pictures but somehow none of them linger in your mind. So we decided that we needed a new and refreshing approach, one which had the power to attract and stimulate.

With representatives in Germany, Monaco, Spain, Great Britain and the USA, Pantaenius deserved a campaign which effectively communicated the world-class expertise and passion behind the insurance firm. Pantaenius approached artist Hinnerk Bodendieck to illustrate a provocative and engaging campaign.

This is our new flagship,” Martin Baum proudly declares. “I intend for a long-term, integrated campaign, that is different and that people notice, so that it stays in their minds. It doesn’t matter where they see it, in ads, posters, on the internet or at exhibition stands – the designs will immediately and unmistakably bring Pantaenius to mind. The campaign is our flagship in the field of luxury yachts.

By Ben Roberts