Pastrovich Studios Introduce A Design Revolution

By Ben Roberts

The latest radical and forward thinking concepts light the way for the evolution of large yacht design, and the newly unveiled 77 metre C R-Evolution project by the Pastrovich Studio.

From the exterior renders, anyone can appreciate the versatility and the immensity of this yachts capability. The yacht is a seamless match to its owner; thanks to its blurred lines between absolute luxury and utility.

The hangar becomes a part of its everyday life; the toys become your bucket and spade. They are tools, tools for exploration and tools for fun. From storing jet skis all the way up to 15m explorer ribs, all bases are covered, anything is possible,” explains a statement from the Pastrovich Design Studio. “We started from scratch with this yacht. Our mission is clear in our mind, the end result is outlined by the class of yacht chosen ‘cool silhouette, unlimited exploration

M/Y 77m X R-Evolution offers guests absolute and complete privacy. The X R-Evolution is a mother ship with separately deployable daughter vessels, each of which as unique as your imagination can conjure up.

Lay anchor in the Virgin Islands and deploy your apartments anywhere you desire. Be waited on hand and foot by the crew living aboard the mother-ship or go it alone in your own isolated beach fronted apartment.

Combine this with the simple, inflatable, modular jetty connected directly to the beach and guests can move freely between the mother ship and their own private apartment. This gives the user an experience of freedom not yet realised in a yacht. All your toys and tenders within easy reach of all your amenities.

The concept doesn’t stop there though, the possibilities are endless. Imagine, instead of guest apartments, each daughter vessel is a different luxury object; a swimming pool, a garden, even an artificial beach complete with its own palm trees!

The engineering and technology of this yacht create the core values of the design. Drawing from the inspiration of nature, Pastrovich Studio has focussed particularly on the beehive – one of the most efficient structures in global comprehension.

It combines Maximum strength with the minimum amount of material. Lightweight is the main focus, that’s why the entire hull is made in carbon fibre, the floating decks are in titanium, the large openings are all in lightweight materials, as also the superstructure.

For example, the ceilings; if the systems architecture of ducting and wires can become a feature, why hide the pipes? The resulting aesthetic would be just like a space ship while also save a considerable amount of weight.

Another way this yacht achieves its shallow draft qualities is through a multihull design, this also adds to its stability credentials. This platform allows us to achieve a remarkable amount of deck space for the length. With a beam a 3rd of its length, the square meters available is vast. This prompts us to design an interior which works from Port to Starboard, and not the traditional Forward to Aft layout.

With the addition of the daughter vessels, the amount of useable deck space is unparalleled. This gives us the chance to explore what else these extra modules could be used for; a garden, a swimming pool, a fully regulated heli-pad. The opportunities are endless.

Through the use of cutting edge technology X R-Evolution will keep completely stable in rough seas. Through a system consisting of a self-stabilizing hexapod with 6 hydraulic cylinders, movements in pitch and roll are compensated for resulting in a completely level upper deck. Then a secondary system of gyroscopes reduces roll in the remainder of the vessel leading to an uncompromised level of comfort while at sea.

By Ben Roberts