Patrik Von Sydow on Lightweight Construction Experts Danish Yachts

By Paul Joseph

With five vessels delivered in the past 16 months, the reputation of Danish Yachts as specialists in lightweight yacht construction is soaring higher than ever.

Indeed, the Denmark-based company’s ability to stand out from the crowd is evidenced by the fact that all five of those vessels have been delivered to commercial clients .

We sat down with Patrik Von Sydow, CEO of Danish Yachts, at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, to find out more about their recent projects and the company’s ambitions for the future.

“It’s been an exciting 12 months, or 16 months I should say. We’ve delivered five yachts in that period,” he said.

“As you might know with all of our vessels the common denominator is that they are made of advanced composites and carbon fibre, so very lightweight construction. And the last five vessels we’ve delivered have actually been the commercial world. They are so called SWATH vessels and they are going to clients such as Siemens and Eon.

“SWATH, or CAT-SWATCH actually, is a vessel that can travel as a Catamaran or a SWATH vessel. For the off-shore industry that’s very important because you want a stable platform to transfer people to an off-shore position.

"But in the leisure world it’s a very nice feature as well. It gives you lots of deck space and a very stable platform so that people can be comfortable and above all avoid sea sickness.”

You can watch the full video interview with Patrik Von Sydow above this article.

By Paul Joseph
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