Perini Navi Completes Mast Stepping on Perseus³

By Paul Joseph

Perini Navi have announced the completion of the mast stepping operation for the 60-metre sloop Perseus³.

One of the world’s largest carbon fibre masts, it was delivered by the spar maker Future Fibres and assembled at the Perini Navi facility in La Spezia, Italy.

The 75.8-metre mast stands among the three tallest rigs ever built and is described by Future Fibres as boasting “a perfect exterior surface and a flawless Clearcote gloss Carbon finish with zero filler – which can add up to 3 per cent to the weight of a mast.”

The 23.4m carbon fibre furling boom has been manufactured using pre-preg carbon, improving structural performance and weight, compared with standard wet–laminate construction. The boom features a new mandrel furling and locking system, as a result of extensive testing and prototyping.

Perseus³ will also feature an exclusive Rig Load Monitoring System that through a series of strain gauges constantly detects the loads acting on the rig components.

By Paul Joseph