Perini Navi Deliver Sailing Yacht Fivea

By B. Roberts

Sailing Yacht Fivea, the Perini Navi 45m aluminium sloop, has been formally delivered to her owner.

The leading Italian shipyard, Perini Navi Group, have proudly delivered the stunning aluminium sailing yacht Fivea, launched on April 23rd 2010.

The formal delivery was held in Perini Navi headquarters in Viareggio, in the presence of an Owner’s representative and the Perini Navi team who then proceeded with the formal procedure and flag substitution.

Giancarlo Ragnetti, CEO of Perini Navi Group commented, “The delivery of a boat is always a significant moment for us and for the client who officially becomes the owner of the yacht. In particular on this occasion when delivery was made ahead of schedule, thanks to the extraordinary work by our suppliers working in close collaboration with the Owner’s staff and Perini Navi’s team of committed employees.”

In a few days, S/Y Fivea will depart Viareggio towards the beautiful Mediterranean waters for her maiden cruise, where her owners will enjoy a beautiful cruise in a high quality sailing yacht.

By B. Roberts
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