Perini Navi On China's Sailing Culture

By Ben Roberts

Bringing a new sense of style to Greater China’s sailing scene, we spoke to Perini Navi’s Asian representative Enrico Zanella about his thoughts on the future of China and how Perini Navi has played a part in its evolution.

“I should say I’m here for the fifth time,” explains Enrico, “I enjoy the growing of this event […] It’s growing very fast [and] there is a very special reason, especially in this market, sailing is becoming more popular because of the environmental problems. They are sensitive to not spending money in fuel and even not polluting.”

Given his fifth year in attendance at the China Rendez-Vous, we asked how Enrico Zanella helped establish the Perini Navi brand in China.

“We started in 2002, surveying the market,” continues Enrico. “In 2010 we thought it was the right moment to take an action in the market. In 2011, we started. From 2002 [it was like] we started from school, children, primary school, secondary school, telling them why sailing is beautiful.”

Enrico is the manager of the first superyacht club marina in Sanya, promoting the sailing lifestyle and educating the world about the feeling of life under sail. In 2013, they charted a 45m yacht to a Chinese owner through Perini USA, and will undoubtedly continue to feel the benefits of the growing market.

For more insights into the sailing demand in China, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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