Perini Navi Redefine Cool with the Heritage Fleet

By Anna Solomon

Perini Navi are pleased to introduce their brand new line launch: the Heritage Fleet comes in three sizes, 55, 65 and 75m, and is redefining the concept of ‘cool’.

These chic vessels cut a powerful silhouette on the water, with bold lines penning a metallic white hull that contrasts pleasingly with a moody black superstructure. The range embodies the bluewater ideal that Perini Navi are known for in their sailing yachts, but distinctly modernized.

The Heritage Fleet doesn’t just look modern, but has the radical technology and engineering to back it up. The 55m model has revolutionised the aft deck, conceiving of a new social area with a central staircase and two fold-down bulwark balconies allowing an authentic connection to the surrounding nature.

Views of the seascape are privileged throughout, in fact, with windows in the lounge areas and the owner’s suite designed to be as wide as possible. Hull windows, meanwhile are covered with a special film which makes them the same colour as the hull, rendering them almost invisible.

The 75m model, meanwhile, boasts magnificent open-air spaces on her fore and aft decks that are perfect for sunny days and balmy evenings at sea. This is not to detract from her interior volumes, which are ingeniously achieved by a low-slung superstructure profile.

Space continues to be used masterfully on the beach club, which has direct access from the lower deck cabins via a corridor that passes through the engine room. Finally, a vast swimming pool fringed with sunbeds takes pride of place on the main deck aft.

The Heritage Fleet is the modern take on Perini Navi’s tradition-inspired build, and the perfect bridge into the future of the shipyard.

By Anna Solomon
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