Perini Navi Sell Two Secret Picchiotti Yacht Projects

By Ben Roberts

Taking place over just seven days, Perini Navi has this week announced the sale of two new motor yachts; one Picchiotti and another ‘top secret prototype’.

After making waves with the milestone launch of Sybaris in 2016, Perini Navi is this year proving the strength of its dedicated Picchiotti motor yacht arm with two new orders.

“The conclusion of two sales contracts is an important confirmation of the efficacy of our chosen path, focusing on our products and our distinctive quality,” commented Fabio Boschi, Chairman of Perini Navi. “Despite the extremely competitive nature of today’s market, we are confident about further developments of important ongoing initiatives, thanks also to the extraordinary reputation of our companies and the pride and competence of those who work with us.”

The first of this set of new projects is the PY 52, the 52-metre full-displacement, steel motoryacht which is set to commence construction for 32 months at the Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia. Details remain scarce about the PY 52m, but reportedly features details that characterise the Picchiotti fleet; from Exuma to Grace E.

This new yacht will also feature an expansive beach club incorporating a spa, gym and sea-level lounge, as well as a forward facing owner’s cabin on the upper deck.

The second of the two orders is an innovative aluminium superyacht project which is a ‘top secret motor yacht prototype’. Conceived by the Perini Navi innovation Centre in Viareggio, the project is tailor made to specific brief laid down by the owner and will no doubt break the mould of the, already distinctive, Picchiotti style.

This order reportedly reflects the company’s latest advances in design and technology, according the Italian master craftsmen, who are imbuing the vessel with the latest eco-compatible, noise, vibration and navigation systems.

We look forward to bringing you more news on the two Perini Navi orders as and when they emerge, as well as following the construction of these two exciting motor yachts as they progress.

By Ben Roberts
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