Pershing 108 Motor Yacht Launched

By B. Roberts

Today, the first three-engine model built by Pershing successfully made it to the water of the Adriatic ocean for the first time. Characteristic Pershing design, versatility and technological advancement make the Pershing 108 a yacht ahead of its time.

The successful launch of the new 108 superyacht happened this morning at the Marina dei Cesari in Fano, Italy. The 108 is the latest creation from Pershing, a brand of the Ferretti Group, and stands as a 32.9m, sleek and sporty superyacht; launched a month after the launching of hull number 9 in the Pershing 115, the fleet’s flagship.

The Pershing 108 was designed by Fulvio De Simoni, in collaboration with the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) of the Ferretti Group and the team of architects and designers of the Centro Stile – creating an innovative new addition to a remarkable fleet of Pershing superyacht.

Nada Serafini, Brand Manager of Pershing, commented, “We are enthusiastic about the launching of Pershing 108. Only a few weeks after the launching of hull number 9 of Pershing 115, we have successfully concluded the technical launching of the long-awaited new boat, destined to become the top model of the Pershing range, thanks to innovative engineering using three engines and the personalised interior desing, which make this model an authentic setter of trends. Furthermore, the new launch highlights the vivacity of the brand and the strategic importance of the nautical pool at Fano.”

The Pershing 108 can comfortably accommodate guests in 4 luxurious cabins – offering customers a choice of three different internal layouts for the owner’s suite – as well as 3 cabins for crew members.

Part of the focus in constructing the Pershing 108 was to create a yacht with high performance whilst paying attention to the environmental impact. The Pershing 108 has three diesel 1940 KW MTU engines and, thanks to three surface propellers, can reach a maximum velocity of 40.5 knots.

Coupled with her impressive top speed, the Pershing 108 superyacht can also use a single central operating engine to reach an autonomous sailing speed of 11 knots per 1070nm – a great feature if the yacht needs to travel from A-B with lower consumption and safer night sailing.

By B. Roberts
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