Peter Lürssen on the World's Largest Yachts Gracing 2013

By Ben Roberts

Peter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen Yachts, is the head of one of the most exciting and widely respected shipyards in the world today. Just before our Top 100 Forecast Preview Event in London, Peter Lürssen joined us to discuss the economic benefits of the industry and the numerous top secret projects under construction at the moment.

We had a very exciting 2012,” starts Peter. “We delivered a fairly substantial yacht in the second half which was actually before time because the owner had the sincere wish to spend a specific date on the boat in the Med … before that, we delivered a very special looking 85-90m yacht called Ace … we also delivered an 85m shortly before Christmas and we have a good order book which carries us into the future years.

With 20 yachts in the Top 100 Forecast, Lürssen Yachts is a true expert in large yacht construction. Project Azzam, the new largest superyacht in the world forecasted to launch later this year, was pictured leaving the Lürssen yard in 2012. Projected to measure over 180m, Project Azzam is understandably one of the most top secret projects in construction at the moment.

When asked about how the yard maintains confidentiality of such a large project, Peter Lürssen noted; “We keep it locked up, it’s very simple. There are thousands of people involved in the construction of such a yacht. A thousand at our group and there will be many more thousands in the industry supporting us. You don’t let anyone in the shed that isn’t authorized, confidentiality even with our workers is a very important part but once the boat is in the water, it’s out. The cat is out of the bag so to say … We do have a few other projects but as I talked about earlier, as long as they are in the box, we can’t talk about it.

With a few other projects in the yard and a promising year ahead, 2013 is definitely the year to keep an eye on Lürssen and a year which will undoubtedly change the superyacht industry forever.

By Ben Roberts
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