Peter Lurssen on Azzam and the Top 100 Largest Yachts

By Ben Roberts

A family-run shipyard for generations, Lürssen Yachts is one of the most distinguished names in the yachting world. With Azzam headlining the global superyacht fleet, as well as a number of exciting projects due for launch this year, we spoke to Peter Lürssen during our event in London to find out more about the world's largest yacht.

At the helm of the company today is Peter Lürssen, who has overseen one of the most exciting period’s in Lürssen's illustrious history, which last year saw the arrival of the new largest yacht in the world, the 180-metre Azzam.

We sat down with Mr Lürssen at’s Top 100 event in London to discuss the experience of building Azzam as well as his thoughts on the advantages of bringing the entire industry together in one place at one time.

“We have built the largest yacht,” he said, “but every yacht we deliver is important to us and actually the market looks at us as ‘how good is the last yacht you delivered?’, so we have a challenge with every yacht.

“But yes, it’s been a great experience, having delivered the boat in 3 years physical delivery time. It’s been a fantastic build time with a great owner and things have been very pleasant because the owner had a very clear focus before the contract and during the contract time. So there was no disturbances, no major changes.”

How much extra pressure was there knowing the yacht would receive so much media attention?

“The biggest pressure on us is always the client’s expectation,” he said. “Yes, we knew it would be highly discussed in the press and that added to the pressure, but more important for us was the client expectations.”

And what does Mr Lürssen think about our Top 100 event, which his company has been a keen and active participant in for the past two years?

“It’s a great event because it creates a lot of advertising and news in circles that we normally don’t reach,” he said.

“The people we talked to this morning – Tatler, Financial Times, Der Spiegel – a lot of publications come to this Top 100 event because it’s very concentrated, very focussed. Of course it’s a sexy topic, yachts, and that attracts people, but they wouldn’t go to the effort to come to a single shipyard to talk to one of us individually.

“The Top 100 event offers these publications the possibility to talk to the industry, that attracts them to come and that in turn attracts them to write about the industry, which is important.”

You can view the full video interview with Peter Lürssen above this article.

By Ben Roberts
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