Pollux: The 111m Custom Concept from AMELS & H2

By Ben Roberts

Set to be unveiled in-full at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, AMELS has today introduced a brand-new collaboration concept with H2 Yacht Design; introducing, the 111-metre Pollux.

The flowing style of the ocean-going giant was drawn by the team at H2 Yacht Design, with the view of creating a seven-deck superyacht with a huge volume of 4,750 Gross Tonnage.

“Our ambition was a design that drew on the AMELS DNA and heritage, but didn’t simply reproduce existing details,” explains Jonny Horsfield, Director of H2 Yacht Design. “We have looked forward to the future design direction of the AMELS fleet, whilst maintaining a timeless look that captures the pinnacle of AMELS yacht building.”

The sweeping lines are deceptive of the huge scale of the yacht, with carefully proportioned design allowing for large aft decks and an overall lasting first impression. The metallic silver and jet black gloss superstructure with high-polish stainless steel grill and cloud white hull compliment the edges, which play with light and create an interesting new design direction for the AMELS custom fleet.

Hans Konings, AMELS Design Manager: “Our top team of yacht building experts has long experience collaborating with world-renowned designers and architects. We have a deep understanding of shipbuilding and our strong connections with classification societies and flag states. However you imagine your AMELS Full Custom yacht, you can be sure of the most advanced design and engineering with the absolute highest AMELS quality.”

This style is matched by the onboard space and lifestyle, with Sun Deck pool forward to the large firepit outdoor lounge on Sun Deck aft, Pollux’s 20 guests can enjoy panoramic sea vistas. The 47 crew plus Captain can discretely access all parts of the vessel, providing the very highest levels of service, entertainment and hospitality.

We look forward to bringing you more on the remarkable new design language emerging from the latest H2 and AMELS collaboration at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show Breaking News Centre.

By Ben Roberts
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