Port Louis Marina – Success in Selling Berths in the Caribbean

By B. Roberts

Port Louis Marina on the beautiful island of Grenada continues to grow from strength to strength with recent berth sales and ongoing development.

Port Louis Marina invites mid size yachts to superyachts of 90m (300 feet) to berth in the marina in several ways. By buying a long term berth license for 30 years, on an annual contract, seasonal basis, or simply as a visitor for one or several nights.

The Port Louis team has been very successful in selling berths, with sales of a 15m and 22m berth both confirmed in 2010. The berths are owned by individuals who have also purchased property on the island and will be buying yachts once they move into their new homes.

Other than the delights of Port Louis and the Island of Grenada, the marina lies below the “hurricane belt” where the other Caribbean Islands are to the north and is the closest island to the Grenadines with an international airport – only 5 miles from the marina. This not only makes Port Louis easily accessible by sea and by air but also a safe haven for visitors and their yachts - ensuring marine insurance is possible for yachts kept in the marina during the off season.

Danny Donelan of Port Louis Marina says: “We are thrilled to have sold these berths in Port Louis Marina. This is just another piece in the larger Port Louis jigsaw. We believe the marina is the perfect location for private cruisers (and charterers) wishing to discover the unspoilt delights of Grenada and the Grenadines. The marina and local area offer so much for visitors and residents and the continual investment and development only makes it more enticing.”

“As well as the fact the marina is below the ‘hurricane belt’, buying a berth can be a sound investment. Not only is it a more economical way of basing your boat in one place long term, it is also possible to profit from subleasing, and the potential increase in berth value. Berths sold in Grand Harbour, Malta 4 years ago for 500Euros/sqm are now worth over four times that, 2174Euros /sqm.”

Since acquisition in December 2007 the marina has seen incredible amounts of development and in 2009 Port Louis received a new general manager and sponsored key events in the area. This has transformed the area and the marina is now a beautiful destination and relaxation spot for the local population and island visitors.

There are endless reasons to visit Port Louis and the island of Grenada – all of which substantiate buying a berth, visiting or basing a business in the marina. These include the fantastic choice of retail and service options onsite, easy access to some of the best cruising grounds in the world; all of the best beaches, restaurants, supermarkets lie within a two mile radius of Port Louis and Grenada is known for having some of the friendliest people anywhere.

By B. Roberts