Porto Montenegro: A Burgeoning Superyacht Hot Spot

By Paul Joseph

The emergence of Montenegro as Europe’s hottest luxury destination was recently reinforced by the hosting of its first superyacht pop-up show at the Porto Montenegro marina village.

We sat down with Billy Canellas, Business Development Manager at Porto Montenegro, at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show to hear how the inaugural pop-up event fared learn more about why Montenegro is growing in stature as a magnet for yachting travellers.

“Montenegro is positioning itself as a luxury destination and it has a strategy to develop an elite tourism supported by the government and by private investment,” he said. “Actually the world tourism council has declared Montenegro as the fastest growing tourism destination for the next ten years, surprisingly in front of countries like Brazil, India, China and Russia with an 8.8% GDP growth in terms of tourism investment.

“I believe there’s many USPs there, one of them is the outstanding beautiful cruising grounds for the superyacht industry particularly. We’re based inside a UNESCO world heritage bay. We also have the added value of being out of the EU, so we have tax benefits.

“Then of course Montenegro is still somehow undiscovered and unique We have the traditional cruising grounds such as Spain, France, an d the South of Italy that have started to get over populated. So all together the result is that we are really growing fast as a country for luxury tourism.

You can watch the full video interview with Billy Canellas above this article.

By Paul Joseph