Porto Montenegro Adds New 250m Superyacht Berth

By Ben Roberts

Porto Montenegro has cemented their place as the Adriatic’s most progressive superyacht marina after recently announcing the addition of a new 250 metre berth.

This is the largest berth in the region, and surpasses the size of any yacht built to date. This forward thinking outlook on the superyacht industry reflects why Porto Montenegro has rapidly risen in the ranks of global marinas.

With state-of-the-art facilities designed to cater to the advanced need of superyachts and their owners, sold-out luxury apartments, 55 ground floor retail spaces, a five star Regent Hotel and 450 berths, Porto Montenegro provides a luxury edge to an unbeatable destination.

In the photos provided, Porto Montenegro have envisioned how the new 250 metre berth will add to the scenery as well as the world's largest yachts such as Golden Odyssey, The Maltese Falcon and Symphony frequent the area.

By Ben Roberts