Porto Montenegro Offer Tax & Duty Free Fuel To Superyachts

By Ben Roberts

On a journey to becoming one of the most upcoming yachting hubs in the world, Porto Montenegro has now started offering tax and duty-free fuel to private and commercial vessels – available for yachts up to 180 metres - at a cost approximately 45% less than the retail price.

The dedicated fuel dock is positioned at the end of Jetty 3 and has capacity for yachts up to 200m with a 15m draft, plus stock of up to 800,000 litres of duty-free diesel.

With no minimum limit or registration restrictions, plus no additional fees, the dock operates all year round and offers clear in/out whilst refueling via its onsite customs and immigration office.

The benefits of berthing in Porto Montenegro are vast, but the immediate benefits of the new tax and duty-free include three fueling berths (plus a tender and jet-ski pontoon), fuel quality inspected by Inspectorate / Bureau Veritas and Maximum flow rate of 1000 litres per minute to name only a few.

While this update doesn’t immediately illustrate the luxury and beauty of the destination, but simply builds on its reputation as one of the finest superyacht berthing areas around today.

By Ben Roberts