Princess Yachts Talk Expansion And Market Growth in China

By Ben Roberts

The latest Princess 32M left the shipyard in December 2013, destined for Hong Kong. Today, we sat down with Will Green of Princess Yachts to discuss their recent string of success in the region as well as what we can expect for 2014.

“Through the recessionary period I think we are one of the only boat builders who have grown consecutively for five years through one of the most difficult periods for the industry, and we’ve done that by focussing on the developing markets,” explains Will Green. “The traditional markets in the Mediterranean have had a tough time, the US also; although that’s starting to recover but Latin America and Asia specifically are delivering growth for us.”

Princess Yachts has invested time in creating a comprehensive product range and distribution in the region, finding that 43 feet to 100 feet covers the market in any style. The demand Princess Yachts is creating is reflected by the two large yachts on display at the show.

For more insights into the industry, regional growth and the change in approach it takes to cultivate business in Asia from Will Green, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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