Project Redwood: An Update from the Design Studio

By Christina Tsangaris

Nuvolari-Lenard, one of the most innovative and largest yacht design studios in the world, has released new design details of Project Redwood, a 139-metre Lurssen spectacle expected to be delivered to delighted new owners in 2019.

Credibility Unsurpassed
Founded in 1992,  the Venice-based design studio has full reign on the vessel’s concept, exterior and interior design. Currently under construction at Lürssen’s facilities in Bremen, Nuvolari-Lenard has collaborated with the same owner’s representatives and build team from Moran Yacht & Ship boasting a history to be envied; the spell-binding 88-metre vessel M/Y Quatroelle, delivered in 2013. 

The studio is run by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. A qualified and highly sought after naval architect and mechanical engineer, Nuvolari is primarily responsible for its exterior design where sleek lines offer detail that boast precision and excellence. It couples elegantly with the highly anticipated interiors which Lenard is responsible for, as the artist behind the company’s stunning interiors. 

Built for Adventure
Nuvolari-Lenard confirms that the superyacht will have a realm of endless capabilities. To name a few is the Lurssen's ability to land two helicopters on the decks and a fleet of tenders (even up to a size of 15-metres), making venturing off and arriving in comfort seamless as ever. 

For those loking for a real ocean adventure, its sports and diving centre located on the lower decks welcomes long afternoons of adrenalne, and for relaxation residing into its "large swimming pool" for balmy evenings in scenes of paradise. Project Redwood; aside from being the perfect family vessel for afternoons of adrenaline, will have efficient, long-range cruising capabilities for independent global exploration, ideal for freedom and discovery. 

Interior Luxe
Created with a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure, clean lines and a contemporary exterior, Nuvolari-Lenard’s Interior Design Department boasts a creative direction led by Partner Valentina Zannier. Running the studio’s showroom, which acts as a living space for the company’s designers and owners to “build up” the interior of their future yachts. The bespoke selection of fabrics, materials, wood samples and furniture make this Venetian design house the ultimate selection for a Lurssen delivery with true Italian quality. 
Nuvolari-Lenard will see this iconic project continue to thrive as a successful member of its work. Considered to be a trendsetter when it comes to its pioneering innovators, we await the visual glamour so synonymous with the reputable design house, to match a portfolio of private aviation and Real Estate projects that gleam with sophistication. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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