Project Skyfall: A Closer Look Into A Highlight of 2017

By Ben Roberts

With the exciting new 68.50m (221') Skyfall project under construction at the Sunrise Yachts facilities in Turkey, we took the opportunity to speak exclusively with Jean-Claude Carme, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, about how this stunning superyacht is progressing, what other new-build projects Sunrise Yachts are working on and what makes the yard an up and coming answer for owners looking to build.

What can you tell us about how the Skyfall project came to Sunrise?
"I had met John and Jeanette Staluppi more than twenty years ago in Monaco on board “Octopussy”, at the time the fastest yacht in the world. Then we met again in 2008 when they were looking at building their first full-displacement yacht. However, Sunrise Yachts was at the time a newly formed company with everything to demonstrate and John and Jeanette chose a more established shipyard instead.

Five years later, we met again with them and with Peter Thompson, who has been advising them with their yachting projects for many years, and we presented a design by Vallicelli & Co. we knew was the right concept for them: sleek, aggressive, innovative. The interior design proposal by Focus Yacht Design offered the right balance between the contemporary feel consistent with the yacht’s exterior styling and the richness of décor that the clients enjoy. The visit at the shipyard was the final step in convincing the clients that we were the right choice for their next project."

When can we expect to see the project hit the water?
"The project is currently undergoing naval architecture and engineering, with construction starting in the second part of this year. Delivery is scheduled at the beginning of 2017. The yacht will be showcased at MYS and FLIBS 2017."

What makes Sunrise so attractive to new build clients?
"We are in the process of demonstrating the relevance of our positioning: a yacht builder with North-European standards that offers competitive prices thanks to our Free Zone location in Turkey. The purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities, the extensive engineering team, the partnership with some of the world’s best yacht designers, all this plays an important part in reassuring clients about our dedication to delivering great value. But at the end of the day, I would say it is the spirit of genuine passion for the craft of yacht building that makes a difference."

How has Sunrise provided the owner with something different than before?
"The clients have owned eighteen yachts in their yachting career. They went from high-performance fast yachts to full-displacement, large volumes yachts. Project Skyfall delivers the best of both worlds as a large, spacious and comfortable vessel offering sleek elegant lines with the added thrill of a fast full-displacement hull (engineered by Mulder Design and Özgün Yacht Design) and a combination of very innovative technologies never used on a yacht before. It is the spirit of pioneering that brought the clients, the designers and the shipyard together to undertake this challenge: a very different yacht indeed."

Is there anything unique about the boat you can tell us?
"A lot of innovation, including the linear jets engineered by VOITH and offering increased speed and range performance, and the MME micro-turbine generators for greater efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and lower sound and vibration levels.

How has it been working with Worth Avenue Yachts on the project?
"I have known Peter Thompson for more than twenty years and we have developed and excellent relationship with his partners at Worth Avenue Yachts, enjoying their professionalism and expertise as well as their personalities, which is truly essential to a successful collaboration in a complex project extending over three years."

Do you have anything else in production at the moment?
"We are currently building six super yachts, including Project Skyfall. Those include two 63m, 1,500 GRT projects designed by Espen Oeino (with interior design by Redman Whiteley Dixon for one and Focus Yacht Design for the other), one 57m diesel-electric project also designed by Espen Oeino (with interior design by Raymond Langton), one 45m sister ship to our first yacht “Africa” delivered in 2009 (design Paolo Scanu, interior design Franck Darnet) and one 34m Explorer designed by Focus Yacht Design. All these projects are full-displacement, steel/aluminium hulls."

How is 2014 looking for the company?
"This is going to be a great year as we are launching two yachts: our second 45m, which will be showcased both at the Monaco Yacht Show and the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show at the end of the year, and will demonstrate the continuously improved standards and performance of the shipyard; and our first 63m which will establish us as a credible alternative to the European shipyards in the 60-70m category where we are focusing our efforts. I think that this yacht will make quite an impression on the industry by its design, volume and quality of construction. We will be pleased to share details with your readers when the yacht is launched."

By Ben Roberts
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