Provide & Supply on Sourcing Sustainable Food for Superyachts

By Ben Roberts

Sat on board motor yacht Aldabra, we spoke to Greg Mikusinski and Tommy Baldwin III of Provide & Supply to learn more about the Miami-based boutique yacht provisioning company facing growth in the face of demand for organic, gastronomic and quality foods for yachts.

“Sustainability [is] starting to really trend in gastronomy and in what owners and guests expect on board,” explains Greg Mikusinski, Founder of Provide & Supply. “We’ve definitely made our mark here in the last couple of years and brought on some really good farms and local purveyors as well.”

“Sustainability for us means that we go directly to the farm, directly to the butcher and we’re really cognizant to what kind of product we work with,” continues Greg. “It’s good for your health, it’s great also for the animal which a lot of people don’t realise. The better the life cycle and the better the animal is taken care of typically is happier and tastes better, both with sea food and land proteins as well.”

Food sits at the heart of any cruising or charter experience, and organic food from sustainable sources not only ensures high-quality, consciously grown food for the chef to work with, but peace of mind for the consumer on a number of fronts.

“We’ve always been focussing on the more gourmet items for the owners and the charter guests,” explains Tommy Baldwin III, President of Provide & Supply, “but we definitely want to start working with the crew chefs more often in order to meet their budgets for the crew.”

“It’s no secret that, in yachting, people are trying to become more cognizant of their costs and food is becoming more associated with maintaining a programme and we understand that. We know that feeding 8-40 people is not a cheap practice. We want to let all of our current clients and our potential new clients that we are able to work with them to supply in budget, high-quality crew food that fits Greg’s initial vision, which is sustainability.”

“It’s all about just taking care of the product throughout the process,” concludes Greg, “from the moment we take possession of it to the moment it hits your plate.”

The sustainability of the product, when matched with the ability to stay within budget and ease of access for captains sourcing food for both owner and crew, illustrates the understandable growth Provide & Supply is facing.

“Not only have we expanded our product portfolio, but we’ve also taken our client portfolio from just a handful of yachts into fully servicing over 80 yachts between 40 and 95 metres,” adds Tommy.

Working with superyachts around the world, with sources providing the best meat, fish, fruit and vegetables from sustainable farms, the attraction for captains is obvious, and the experience for both chef and guest is remarkably improved. Watch the full video above for an in-depth insight into the world of Provide & Supply.

By Ben Roberts