Ragnar: ICON Launches 68m Conversion Explorer

By George Bains

Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts has recently announced the launch of 68m Project Ragnar, their second largest conversion project.

Ragnar has been constructed on the platform of original vessel Sananborg, a Dutch-built multi-purpose support vessel. Sananborg was already an adventurous ice-breaker, but through the expert collaboration of Icon Yachts and RWD she has been transformed into a superyacht destined for the centre stage, a breath-taking Arctic explorer with world-class levels of luxury.

British studio RWD penned a unique and powerful exterior design, seen for the first time as the superyacht left her covered dry dock in Harlingen. The design was born out of a number of inspirations, including medieval war craftmanship, while still staying true to RWD’s passion for sleek lines and a contemporary feel. The 2,450 GT superyacht reaches an impressive range of 6,000 nautical miles and now boasts a certified ICE Class A1 super hull as well as unique ICE class PC5-rated electric-driven ice pods.

In two years, Sananborg has been completely transformed into one of the most stunning and genuine explorer vessels on the market. The swift construction time is just one of a number of benefits owners have of opting for a conversion project as opposed to a new-build.

Notably, conversion projects have major cost-effective advantages since they are built on a pre-existing basic structure, significantly reducing the time needed in the shipyard. Similar to Legend, a 77.40m conversion project completed by the yard in 2015, the original vessel used for Ragnar was carefully selected by Icon, giving the owner and design team comfort in knowing the base was already of an exceptionally high standard.

 Another attribute shared between Ragnar and Legend is their ability to reach remote destinations as re-incarnated explorer yachts. Both had been transformed from world-class ice-breaker vessels and now offer the sublime levels of luxury required onboard a superyacht. This has been done without losing the power of the vessel, and by retaining the heritage structure, the owner becomes part of the yacht’s story, opening a new chapter.

Icon Yachts is certainly one of the industry’s leaders in conversion projects, and Ragnar represents another milestone for the shipyard in this field. With explorer yachts becoming more of a must-have for owners, it should come as no surprise if shipyards such as Icon receive more requests for conversion projects in the mould of Ragnar.

By George Bains
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