Restarting the Chinese Market with Azimut Yachts

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Whilst engaging in the ever-controversial topic of the industry’s place in China with the bold estimation of a restart of the Chinese market to come, Francesco Montanella from Azimut Yachts talks to about what keeps them afloat whilst the economy fluctuates.

Further, we discuss the allure of the western lifestyle and Mediterranean living synonymous with yachting and the importance of educating the Chinese in this way of life.

“Azimut joined the Chinese market in 2007 so it’s almost ten years that we are here and we have seen a big change. The market as I mentioned was booming and now it is it has a little slowed down, but we are still satisfied because we have a really strong dealership network. Not only under the sales point of view but especially the after sales point of view and so they keep their relationship together with their client and this is a really good way to face the slow down of the economy which you can read about in the news paper every day."

When asked about keeping their appeal in the slowing market, Azimut touched on creating passion in their client base by sharing with them the ‘Italian Way’ to enjoy life whilst predicting a regeneration of the market in the years to come.

“As I mentioned before we’ve seen a slow down in the Chinese market but not the Chinese clients around the world.

I think that what will happen in future is there will be a restart [to the market] because the clients have a passion in yachting life so I suppose that in the near future more people will be attracted by this passion because one of the best advertisements our business has is word of mouth.”

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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