Reymond Langton Design: The Approach to Perfection

By Christina Tsangaris

Responsible for some of the most iconic exterior and interiors on the water, Reymond Langton Design have been collaborating with pioneering shipyards for a whole decade. Founded in 2001, 2021 marks an extraordinary moment for the design house; with a portfolio equally as impressive year on year.

Having delivered a record breaking seven superyachts in just eighteen months, 2020-2021 was anything but boring for the design house. With many of the largest vessel's on the Top 100 list under their belt, including the refit of Oceanco's spectacle Jubilee (now Kaos), we take a look at some of the most epic fleet members of the British design house. 


Nobiskrug's Artefact is the art-deco, super-sized vessel with a loud and unconventional exterior. However, its devotion to the climate mission and its integration of eco-technology has commanded an equal ammount of attention.  With a Reymond Langton responsible for its larger-than-life interior design, we can only imagine the devotion and reflection of the owner's ethos; a unique use of space over 80-metres. We can guess due to its extensive use of natural glass, nature pours in from every angle, however, we can imagine, the curve like superstructure posed a challenging yet interesting brief for the interior designers. The owner of Artefact, having described the design as "radical, yet minimalist" conjures up a picture of a design brief that gave the interior designers a permission to be truly daring. 

Bravo Eugenia

Bravo Eugenia is an Oceanco delivery that encompasses the best of sustainability both in its engineering, architectural principles and build. Being an Oceanco LIFE Design yacht, it  captures the essence of the yachting industry's devotion to eco-innovation; in its most collaborative and inspiring form. Reymond Langton's fit in the puzzle is equally as exciting; to match the 30% increase in fuel efficiency is an interior space that is 109-metres of pure indulgence. Channeling British elegance, the bespoke furniture for eco-elegant Bravo Eugenia is sourced from UK designers, and a touch of glamour is captured by its details from Swarovski, making it light and airy with plenty of opulence. 


The 73-metre exterior of Mogambo is where Reymond Langton truly shines. The lines of Mogambo are striking, bold, yet elegant, perfectly matching her interior, also by Reymond Langton. The interior space, previously described as 'masculine' utilises warm tones, reflected by the usage of woods (sycamore and ebonized walnut). However, this is balanced by splashes of colour frompaintings commissioned by London artists. A touch of British heritage is reflected once again by incororating a UK based designer; making Reymond Langton a first choice for yacht owners seking a contemporary, classic and sophisticated spae. Having been responsible for both the interior and exterior design; it seems clear Nobiskrug's Mogambo marries both unique briefs together with a seamless quality, and dedication to perfection. 

Lady Lara

Lady Lara is another Top 100 project at 91-metres, designed across its exterior and interior space by Reymond Langton. A Lurssen classic launched back in 2015, it holds its place as one of the most elegant vessels on the water, as commanding in size and statre as its stylish interior. With sweeping curves and a balanced profile, Lurssen describes her on-board atmosphere as "bright, with inviting interior spaces and a subtle selection of light complementary finishes" enhancing the open areas, and once again, marrying the visual aesthetics of the contemporary interior with its strikingly stylish exterior. 

We look forward to seeing the up-coming projects at Reymond Langton design, as  the British design house continue to take on new and exciting briefs. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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