Riva Launch New 37m M/Y Mythos

By Paul Joseph

Italian yacht builder Riva has launched M/Y Mythos, the historical company’s largest ever yacht and its first built in light aluminium alloy.

The result of a collaboration between yacht Designer Mauro Micheli, Advanced Yacht Technology & Design and the Interior Design and Technical Department of CRN, the 37-metre Mythos draws inspiration from the 86’ Domino.

Featuring balanced and refined outer lines and essential interiors, the yacht is presented in “Regal Silver” colour, a brand new light grey hue, specially designed to highlight its dynamic and sleek profile. Some “Bright Black” superstructure details provide additional contrast.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, owner of Riva, said: “We are both proud and amazed. Every day I feel how important it is to meet the highly demanding task assigned to me by Weichai Shareholders to take care and re-launch this leading brand of the world boating industry.

“As an Owner of a Riva yacht myself, it is as if a new child or a new travel companion had joined our Riva family. A family which would well fit in a novel by Garcia Marquez: with a more than a century old history made up of a multitude of different lives and experiences, disseminated all over the world throughout all these years.

“Celebrating the new ‘Heir’ of this history, namely the 122’ Mythos – the brand’s flagship as well as its most futuristic product – is simply extraordinary. We believe that with everybody’s efforts within the Ferretti Group, we will succeed in taking this ‘newborn’ and the Riva brand as a whole to even higher goals, while getting stronger in all our loyal markets and penetrating new emerging ones.”

Famous for its legendary wooden motor yachts, Riva was founded in 1842 in Sarnico, a small northern Italian town on the banks of the Iseo Lake. In May 2000 Riva joined the Ferretti group.

By Paul Joseph