Rob Wetzels On The Dutch Design Revolution

By Ben Roberts

Rob Wetzels of Wetzels Brown is a representative of the design revolution underway in The Netherlands, with a number of new projects on the drawing board. caught up with the designer to find out what new projects we can expect coming over the next few months.

“As you know we delivered some really exciting yachts over the last couple of years,” explains Rob Wetzles. “And now we’re preparing some really exciting concepts. One concept is an explorer boat which is called Ice Cool and it’s going to be a really comfortable boat to explore the extremities of the globe with lots of exciting toys on board. Another project of a completely different direction is a J-Class revisited which is a project we call ‘Back to the Future’, where we made a study of the original J-Classes and interpreted them to the current ones.”

For more information on the design inspiration behind the studio’s new projects, watch the above video. 

By Ben Roberts
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