Roberto Giorgi On His New Challenge at Fraser

By Paul Joseph

When Roberto Giorgio was appointed as Executive Chairman of world renowned yacht brokerage Fraser Yachts earlier this month, he was joining an already flourishing company.

His task now is to continue helming that flourishing ship and lead them on to further success, and judging by his mood during our interview at the Breaking News Centre, he is up for the challenge.

“I’ve been on the board of Fraser Yachts for the last ten years, so I was close and involved in strategies,” he said. I thought I knew the company qiite well and when Paulo Vitelli asked me to take this commitment I thought about it and then I decided to do it because Fraser is afantastic brand. I like to be associated with a good brand.”

He continued: “I’m a guy that always likes to reinvent myself. I like always something new, it’s reinvigorating. I always said you cannot stop to think of something else in the future.

“Going forward, I see this business as a people business and this kind of business needs to be lead and I’d really love to be the leadership of this team. New horizons are going to be open.”

We then asked Mr Giorgio to elaborate on what has been the key to his remarkably successful – and enduring – career.

“My art, my mind, my education is to be very proud to be a seaman,” he said. “I’m a seaman by profession. I’ve been to nautical school, I’ve been on a cruise vessel in Australia and I loved that type of job. But equally I was very happy to leave go into the shipping business.

“My life has been shipping and cruising and really my best skill is managing people. “

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Giorgio above.

By Paul Joseph