Roger Liang Discusses Kingship at 2012 Hainan Rendezvous

By Ben Roberts / Silvia Bollen

Silvia Bollen,’s reporter-in-the-field, managed to catch up with Roger Liang, Managing Director of Kingship, onboard the new 42m superyacht Star in order to discuss the shipyard’s upcoming projects and his hopes for the 2012 Hainan Rendezvous.

You’ve just launched this magnificent 42m superyacht Star and its making her debut her at the show. How has the response been so far?
“Well so far people have been very surprised at the space, although 42 metres is not a very big yacht, people are still very surprised at the interior space.”

How does she differ from any other Kingship yacht launched so far?
“Well this one is half a yacht and half an expedition yacht, this boat is designed to cruise worldwide, it has a very long range and will bring people around the world in great safety. The interior is ever changing, the lights are ever changing, the mood is ever changing and it is a very good boat for long distance and great pleasure.”

You’re better known in the industry as the builder of the Green Voyager, an upcoming ecologically friendly superyacht, how is the construction coming along?
“I think we’re almost half way through, we should be ready to launch sometime next year. We’ve just assembled the hull and superstructure and the shape is looking very interesting so I hope, if possible, to bring it to a boat show next year.”

What challenges did you have to overcome as one of the forefathers of modern superyacht construction in China?
“Well we have to bring in the Western expertise, you know. I have to ask various trades to come and bring us up to date and train our people but I have a lot of good friends around the world and they’re more than willing to help, which I have to thank them for, so it makes it all possible for us.”

Where do you find the predominant percentage of your buyers come from?
“Mostly European’s because [our yachts] are designed by Europeans and made to exact European standards so they appeal to European buyers.”

Do you believe the Hainan Rendezvous will bolster regional demand for the luxury yachting lifestyle?
“I think yes, I think all indication says that yachting will be successful in China. I think people like it, I think China has a big cruising area and I think it will work very well with the entertainment aspect because the Chinese love entertaining. They need space and different environments to do their entertaining.”

What are you expecting to achieve here at Hainan?
“Let’s hope we all sell a lot of boats, I think everyone has a good chance so I’m going to try and sell a few more boats.”

Kingship is the leading shipyard in China, a region which is now becoming a huge focus for the Superyacht Industry. With a number of ground-breaking projects on the drawing board and in the yard, Managing Director of Kingship, Roger Liang, also spoke to us about the inception and future of the shipyard at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show last year. Click here for the full interview.

By Ben Roberts / Silvia Bollen
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