Rossi Navi On Projects Underway & On The Water

By Ben Roberts

Rossi Navi has achieved a level of contemporary expertise, shown across every inch of the superyacht Polaris. Mechanically efficient, high-performance and stunning on the water, Polaris is just a part of the puzzle being put together by the Italian yard. We spoke to Filippo Ceragioli to understand more about the brands plans for expansion.

The latest 62m project, which was announced only recently, is still highly confidential; however, the work of Rossi Navi and Enrico Gobbi is a matter of pride even in the confines of confidentiality. A fast boat for an American client, this light construction project is faster than anything the yard has built with an aggressive approach to propulsion.

When under cruising speed, this yacht will maintain efficiency and perfectly combine aggressive speed, high-performance style and cutting-edge design. Watch the above video for more information on the next phase of the Rossi Navi Genesis.

By Ben Roberts
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