Rossinavi Brings Latest Prince Shark 'N2H' to the Water

By Ben Roberts

The Prince Shark line has received a new entry today as the Italian craftsmen Rossinavi introduced the third superyacht in the striking range into the waters of Pisa; introducing the 48.50-metre 'N2H'.

This is the first displacement of the series, and a shining example of both the growth and popularity of the Prince Shark range. Sleek by both name and nature, the Enrico Gobbi design instills a sense of classic yachting with a modern edge, both sleek and lethally styled.

During the private ceremony which saw the launch of N2H, the selected guests admired the deep blue giant entering the water as further speeches from the owning family revealed the origins of her name: ‘Nice To Have’.

With the champagne bottle now broken, the hull sat safely in the water and her name revealed, this new addition to the global superyacht fleet is an exciting example of what the Rossinavi yard are capable of, all the while maintaining an element of secrecy to its interiors and full profile.

By Ben Roberts
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