Rossinavi Unveils Next Step of Efficiency-Focused BluE Technology

By George Bains

Rossinavi has released details of its latest project, Infinity 42 BluE, a technologically advanced superyacht that marks the next step in the development of its BluE philosophy.

The Viareggio-based yacht builder issued its response to the impact of superyachts by launching its new vision, BluE, last year.

The BluE concept has been inspired by the ability of phytoplankton to convert sunlight into energy. Rossinavi first channelled this into a range of hybrid-electric catamarans, namely Oneiric and Seacat.

The catamarans are powered by batteries and solar panels, which are capable of completing transatlantic crossings in full-electric mode for 80% of the total time. The technology works by absorbing sunlight during daylight hours, converting it into energy which is stored for use during the night.

Through Infinity 42 BluE, Rossinavi has now taken on the challenge of transferring this vision into a monohull.

The 42.2m, all-aluminium superyacht has been developed in collaboration with designer Fulvio de Simoni, featuring a reduced draft for pleasant cruising in shallow waters. Solar and battery technology allows the monohull superyacht to be capable of completing 70% of an Atlantic crossing in full-electric mode. The BluE technology enhances both performance and experience through a reduction of noise, odors and emissions.

“Pushing towards the goal of innovating technologies and on-board structures to progress towards more sustainable, comfortable, and experiential navigation is what has guided us in this project,” shared Federico Rossi, Rossinavi COO.

“The result is a completely immersive navigation experience, which takes the quality of the stay on board to a higher level. Sustainability and high performance are the keywords. Improving the overall efficiency of the ship and the resulting lower impact on the environment have been central themes in the development of the project.”

Another technical advancement that will be featured on Infinity 42 BluE is the Rossinavi Artificial Intelligence system, which is now installed on all new Rossinavi superyachts.

The AI system is used to monitor the yacht’s performance in order to meet the needs of its guests while also assisting the crew operationally and suggesting lower-impact actions. The Rossinavi Zero Noise Technology will also be added, which does what it says on the tin and improves comfort by mitigating noise and vibration reduction.  

Since the vision was first presented, Rossinavi has already demonstrated that its BluE concept can be applied to create innovative superyachts that champion efficiency whilst still prioritising the comfort and experience of guests.

"Sustainability and high performance are the keywords."

Federico Rossi - Rossinavi COO


"Sustainability and high performance are the keywords."

Federico Rossi - Rossinavi COO
By George Bains
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